Welcome to the Mill

A fantastic journey to Denmark’s finest and most atmospheric Noisemill combining aspects of all genres to create a theatrical trip unlike anything you have ever heard before.

In the Mill there are no rules. There are only emotions, impulses and acceptance of what cannot be categorized.

The Noisemill was concieved in 2014. Having written more many, many songs over the past 4 years the Mill have selected the first of many emotional and irrational journeys for you to experience and enjoy. These have been released in 2018 – and you can put you ear to them here: Spotify, YouTube – among other streaming services.

Eating away at your rationality, Noisemill is Mikkel Sandager (vocals), Michael Opstrup (guitars & bass) & Morten Sandager (drums, keys & magic). All three are experienced to the bone of their craft and with a need to do exactly what they want to do you can expect everything in the future.